Much like everyone else, I do not enjoy spam. In the past I have limited my exposure to spam by keeping my personal email private. Now with a contact email for business purposes, I need to make an email address available.

In order to slow down the spam bots ( i.e. routines that scan websites for email addresses to add to their databases) I have to present this email address in a way that will require you to change the wording to make it a valid email.

Contact email for AB Laser Art is ablaserart”AT”

In the above email address remove the “AT” and replace it with the @ sign. (no quotation marks)

I apologize for making everyone does this, but I simply do not have time to wade thru pages of spam looking for a valid request / communications.

Be assured, I do not send out a newsletter. The only email you will receive from this email address will be in reply to any corresponence we may have regarding a project.

This Laser stuff is a Hobby for me. I still have a full time job, and a “Honey-Do” list as long as your arm. I check my emails daily, if I don’t reply to your email instantly don’t fret, it may just mean I am busy with other projects at the moment. I will get back to you as soon as I can.